Ep.3 Crown Vic Frame Swap with 68 Mercury Montego Station Wagon Frame Test Fit Project Redneck

Finally fully decided on project redneck for the wagon. Its had the redneck windshield banner for about 16 years, so it seemed fitting. Plus the goal is to use all parts from different vehicles, and make a lot of the other items I need. So this is a budget redneck hotrod all the way through from start to finish.

Frame meet body… body meet frame

I’m finishing the disassembly of everything, and test fit the frame. Everything with the body and frame matches up as I expected. I tried to leave some things still attached to both the frame and wagon, but it seemed better to just remove everything for test fit, and doing everything right the first time.

The first test fit of the crown vic frame.

I plan to fully set the body on the frame next to see exactly where I will need to cut, and modify the body. I’m still on the search for a good Mark Viii engine, that seems to be the most affordable 4v engine for sale. Just waiting on the metal to brace the floorboard, and I can start cutting soon. I’m looking forward to reassembly of the wagon, but lots of metal work before that.

I edited this video a little different, and tried to edit out all the dead space and Ums. It made the video a lot shorter than the last one, but with tons of info / progress made still. I’ve been doing the videos with my iphone, and it seems to be working good. I would like to get a nice camera, but i will probably get a go pro first due to cost, and being able to film more work action shots. The videos right now are mostly progress, and information, but i’m looking to show more work soon. Maybe let me know what you would like to see as far as video style, and I will try to do whats best for everyone.

Also if you would like to see any certain videos of the cars, info, etc… then just ask I’m always glad to help.

Thanks …

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