Ep. 6 Planning 5.4 DOHC 32v Engine? “Project Redneck” Crown Vic Frame Swap / Install


I was going to keep the 4.6 2v engine, and decided to get a F-150 truck intake manifold for the PI engine to help drive torque better. It would also have a forward facing throttle body, with a mostly metal intake. The junkyard wanted $175 for the intake with some electrical and fuel connections. I had found an F-150 parts truck to get the intake off of, and was saving up some money. After putting some money together I decided I might as well put a little more cash together, and just get a 4V engine like I wanted from the get go.

I basically was looking for whichever 4v engine came first as I had gone through many sellers that didn’t come through. If i didn’t already have the t-56 transmission ready for this, I probably would have focused more on a 4.6. After thinking things through a lot I decided to focus on a 5.4 DOHC out of a Lincoln navigator. It meets the rpm and horsepower goals, along with the focus on torque / intake manifold design. The plus also is the fact the the navigators come with a forged crankshaft, and will help with building the engine up on a budget.

I was still having tons of trouble finding a navigator for sale at a decent price, so I went to my local junkyard and they happened to have one. I made a part trade / cash deal and took it home. Long story short the engine ended up being bad with two cylinders leaking through the exhaust valves. I was able to get my money back, but still did the trade to keep the engine as a core.

Little while later I finally made a deal for a kinda rough navigator, but i feel like the engine was taken care of pretty well for most of its life. I bought it for $800, and after i part it out I should easy make my money back plus some, and get the engine / tons of parts for my truck. I’m happy to be able to do this engine combo, and felt like it was the missing link to really make this build badass.

So so far I have the 5.4 DOHC engine, SRT-10 T-56 transmission, Stock 3.55 gears, engine tuner, and a street / strip locker. I still need to source turbos / parts, clutch, driveshaft maybe?… etc. I was thinking so far the list of vehicles that this project has is big… 68 Mercury Montego Station Wagon(Body), 01 Mercury Grand Marquis(Frame), 99 Lincoln Navigator(Engine), Dodge Ram SRT-10(Transmission), Mustang Cobra(Bellhousing, Clutch Pedal, Driveshaft)…

I was thinking it would be cool to source some factory style turbos maybe… then it could really stay with the junkyard themed list of parts. If anyone has any recommendations, or turbos i should checkout just let me know.

Also if you have any questions, ideas to talk about, or anything i can help with just let me know. i will get back to you asap. Thanks, have a good day.

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