Ep. 9 1969 FORD TORINO STATION WAGON PARTS CAR “Project Redneck” Crown Vic Frame Swap / Install

In this video I was showing the 1969 Ford Torino station wagon I got for the crown vic frame swap of the 1968 Mercury Montego station wagon. I really needed the wagon as I needed a quarter panel, headliner bows, interior pieces, etc. This is going to help a lot with the project. It was a mess when I got it. The whole inside was basically one giant rat nest, filled with cactus and crap. My friend had got it out of nowhere, and It was basically a done deal for me to get it… just needed to workout the details. I only need a few more obvious parts for the crown vic frame swap. basically need a clutch / flywheel, hydroboost brake setup, and a possible driveshaft. Either way this was a huge part to getting this project done right. If anyone needs help with anything or has any questions just let me know.

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